Margo Leitz – Scottsdale Interior Designer

Friday, June 12th, 2009

A Quick Background: Margo is one the premier, high-end interior designers in the Phoenix area but she had no web presence. After a few misfires on other websites that didn’t make the light of day, she found us and got on the right track immediately. What she really needed was a way to communicate what she is capable of but also all the range of styles she can design in and for. Appealing to many different personal tastes while retaining professionalism throughout the site and getting the right information to potential buyers was a key ingredient.

Design Choices: Purple has traditionally signified royalty and it’s one of the main reasons we’ve chosen that. The text at the top is minimalistic and doesn’t distract from the real information and design at the bottom. Phone number is very clear and easily accessible when someone wants more information. It seems basic but you’d be surprised on how many people just don’t do this?! Leaving money on the table is what that’s called.

Special Features: The menu isn’t too daunting to look at but it has tons of information. Clicking on any of the links will immediately expand it so you can see all the sub pages that are relevant to that section of the site.

The main area features a landscape image with some of her design work showcases different talents and styles of design. It loads a random image per page load so as to appeal to many different personal tastes and styles. It also features 4 smaller thumbnail images which are on a Flash rotator script and slowly roll through her many different projects.

What the Client Says:
Scottsdale's Interior Designer

“After taking the step from sole proprietor to LLC status, I decided that I needed to move into the 21st Century and establish a website. A business associate recommended a website designer and I promptly hired her with no questions asked. I e-mailed my son to view the progress of the site and he, without my knowledge, e-mailed his good friend Chad to look it over. His honest evaluation convinced me that I needed to start over. I believe that I have a cutting-edge, professionally designed site, that I am proud to refer my clients to.”

– Margo Leitz

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